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Travel -- Solomon Islands

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is excursions to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific Ocean.


Six Superlative Sources

· Dive Adventures. Part of a larger site covering scuba diving throughout the western Pacific, this is your best source of updated information about dive resorts and sites throughout the Solomons.

· People First Network. The homepage of an amazing United Nations project which is bringing email service to some of the remotest islands in the Pacific via solar-powered short-wave radio links to a master computer in Honiara.

· Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation. The Voice of the Nation bringing you the latest news from the Happy Isles.

· Solomon Islands Ministry of Commerce, Employment, and Trade. A rich source of travel, business, and government information. The section about the East Rennell World Heritage Site contains numerous photos of the western edge of Polynesia.

· Solomon Islands Travel Guide. A mini travel guide to the Solomon Islands, last frontier of adventure tourism in Melanesia.

· Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau. The country's official tourism promotion site introduces you to somewhere completely different, with information about sightseeing, island hopping, diving, fishing, boat charters, accommodations, and travel agents.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bilikiki Cruises. Bilikiki Cruises operates two live-aboard dive ships, the MV Bilikiki and MV Spirit of Solomons, which take divers to some of the most fabulous scuba sites in the world.

· Dive Gizo. Based in the colorful little town of Gizo, Western Solomons, Dive Gizo is the country's most experienced scuba operator. Their specialty is diving on World War Two wrecks, such as the intact Japanese freighter Toa Maru.

· Kayak Solomons. Overnight stops at locally operated eco-tourism lodges are made on these sea-kayaking expeditions through the fantastic marine environment of the Marovo Lagoon.

· Kwa'ioloa, Michael. Living Tradition: A Changing Life in Solomon Islands. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 1997. The story of a Kwara'ae man who spent his childhood in the forests of Malaita before moving to Honiara, as told to Ben Burt.

· Lalae Charters. The catamaran Lalae is available for fishing, snorkeling, and cruising throughout the Solomon Islands. It was used by the National Geographic film crew which located John F. Kennedy's sunken patrol boat, PT-109, near Gizo in 2002.

· Map of the Solomon Islands. View a map of the Solomon Islands with travel information and vacation planning tips.

· Melanesian Handcraft. A useful introduction to the arts, crafts, and handcrafts of the Solomon Islanders, including carvings, weaving, baskets, shell money, and feather money.

· Randall, Will. Solomon Time: An Unlikely Quest in the South Pacific. Scribner, 2003. The story of an English schoolteacher who helps villagers set up a chicken-raising project in the Solomon Islands.

· Solomon Airlines. The Solomon Islands' national airline, with flights from Australia, Fiji, and Vanuatu, and around the Solomons Group. Schedules, route maps, and sample fares are provided.

· Solomon Islands Resorts. A searchable resort, hotel, and dive-operator directory.

· Solomons Village Stay. Detailed information about village homestays, rustic lodges, eco-resorts, hotels, and motels throughout the islands.

· South Pacific Medical Projects. The site of Dr. Hermann Oberli's sustainable orthopedic and trauma surgery project in the Solomon Islands also includes much useful general information about the country.

· Tulagi Dive. In the Florida Group, an hour boat trip north of Honiara, is the island of Tulagi, home of Dive Tulagi. Some of the world's best diving is to be found in the beautiful waters around Tulagi, from pristine reefs to spectacular World War Two wrecks.

· Uepi Island Resort. An upscale Marovo Lagoon resort with spectacular diving and snorkeling on its doorstep, access to ocean and river fishing, cultural activities, and expedition sea kayaking.

· Vaka Taumako Project of the Pacific Traditions Society. This group is dedicated to the construction of Polynesian voyaging canoes, to educate a new generation in building authenic canoes and sailing by traditional navigational methods. The story of Lata tells of the first time someone made a Te Puke canoe.

· The Wilderness Lodge. The Solomon Islands' premier eco and nature destination, offering unsurpassed bushwalks, treks, snorkeling, freediving, sportfishing, exotic scenery, submarine volcano visits, world-famous woodcarvers, and speedboat tours of the Marovo Lagoon.

· Yandina Plantation Resort. Site of an upmarket dive resort at Yandina, Russell Islands, between Guadalcanal and Western Province.

· Zipolo Habu Resort. One of the South Pacific's top sport-fishing resorts, on tiny Lola Island near Munda.

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