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Fluid Turbulence -- Computer Simulation

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the computer simulation of fluid turbulence.


Six Superlative Sources

· Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, editors: J.L. Lumley, M. Van Dyke, H.L. Reed.

· Journal of Turbulence.

· M. Lesieur. 1997. Turbulence in Fluids. 3rd edition. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht.

· Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

· Physics of Fluids, a journal of the American Institute of Physics.

· J.O. Hinze. 1975. Turbulence. 2nd edition. McGraw-Hill.

Other Excellent Sources

· A.S. Monin and A.M. Yaglom. 1975. Statistical Fluid Mechanics: Mechanics of Turbulence. MIT Press.

· P. Moin and K. Mahesh. 1998. "Direct Numerical Simulation: A Tool in Turbulence Research." Annu Rev Fluid Mech 1998 30: 539-578.

· J.L. Lumley (ed.). 1990. Whither Turbulence? Turbulence at the Crossroads. Springer-Verlag.

· M. Lesieur, O. Metais. 1996. "New Trends in Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulence." Annu Rev Fluid Mech. 28: 45-82.

· W.C. Reynolds. 1976. "Computation of Turbulent Flows." Annu Rev Fluid Mech. 8: 183-208.

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