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Scientology -- Opposing Views

The following sources are recommended by an expert whose research specialty is Scientology.


Six Superlative Sources

· Bare-Faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard. Miller, Russell. Henry Holt, 1988. ISBN: 155-013-0277.

· A Piece of Blue Sky: Scientology, Dianetics, and L.Ron Hubbard Exposed. Atack, Jon. Carol Publishing Group, 1990. ISBN: 081-840-499X.

· The Road to Total Freedom: A Sociological Analysis of Scientology. Wallis, Roy. Columbia University Press, 1977. ISBN: 023-104-2000.

· Scientology Audited.

· Radio and Television Files on Scientology.

· The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard. Made for television special. 1968. Granada Television (UK).

Other Excellent Sources


· Scientology in Canada.

· Operation Clambake: Undressing the Church of Scientology since 1996.

· An Introduction to Scientology.

· The Death of Lisa McPherson.

· Documentation of Scientology's PR.

· More on Scientology.

-- BOOKS --

· Cults of Unreason. Evans, Dr. Christopher. Harrap, 1973. ISBN: 024-551-8703. Delta, New York. 1974.

· Enquiry Into the Pratice and Effects of Scientology. Foster, Sir John. Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1971.

· Inside Scientology: Or How I Found Scientology and Became Super Human. Kaufman, Robert. Olympia Press, 1972.

· Lee Report into Scientology. Lee, John A. Ontario, Canada. 1970.

· The Minderbender. Vosper, Cyril. Neville Spearman, 1971.

· Religion, Inc. Lamont, Stewart. 1986. ISBN: 024-554-3341.

· Renunciation and Reformulation: A Study of Conversion in an American Sect. Whitehead, Harriet. Cornell University Press, 1987. ISBN: 080-141-8496.

· Report of the Board of Inquiry into Scientology. Anderson, Kevin Victor. A.C. Brooks Government Printer, 1965.

· The Road to Xenu. Wakefield, Margery. Coalition of Concerned Citizens. 1991.

· The Scandal of Scientology. Cooper, Paulette. Tower Publications, 1971.

· Understanding Scientology. Wakefield, Margery, with chapters by Bob Penny and Robert Kaufman. Coalition of Concerned Citizens, Tampa, Florida. 1991.


· "Attacks on Peripheral versus Central Elements of Self and the Impact of Thought Reforming Techniques." Ofshe, Richard, and Margaret T. Singer. Cultic Studies Journal v3 (n1) pages 3-24, Spring-Summer 1986.

· "Coming Out of the Cults." Singer, Margaret Thaler. Psychology Today, January 1979.

· "Cults, Coercion, and Contumely." Singer, Margaret T., and Marsha E. Addis. Cultic Studies Journal v9 (n2) pages 163-189, 1992.

· "Cults: What Are They? Why Now?" Singer, Margaret Thaler. Forecast for Home Economics, May/June 1979.

· "The Dangerous New Cult of Scientology." Parents Magazine. June 1969.

· "Dianetic Therapy: An Experimental Evaluation." Fischer, Harvey Jay. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation. School of Education, New York University, 1953.

· "Disqualification of Federal District Judges--Problems and Proposals." Kobrin, Helena Kempner. Seton Hall Law Review v7 (n3) page 612, Spring 1976. (An article on recusal by the 'Ho herself!)

· "Do you Want to Buy a Bridge?" Ebner, Mark. Spy, February 1996.

· "An Experimental Investigation of Hubbard's Engram Hypothesis." Fox, Jack, Alvin E. Davis, and B. Lebovits. Psychological Newsletter 10, pages 131-134, 1959. (Deals with Dianetics.)

· "Field Research in High to Maximal Stress Situations: A Commentary." Singer, Margaret T. Journal of Applied Social Psychology v22 (n20) pages 1625-1630, October 1992.

· "Follow-ups: Shamed in Spain." Fortune v119 (n2) page 16, January 16, 1989. (Heber Jentzsch, head of Church of Scientology, arrested in Spain.)

· "From Science-Fiction to Fiction-Science." Hayakawa, S.I., et al. A Review of General Semantics v8 (n4) pages 280-293, 1951.

· "Have You Ever Been a Boo-Hoo?" Saturday Evening Post. March 21, 1964.

· "How Cults Bilk us All." Williams, Carson. Reader's Digest, November 1979.

· "In Cyberspace Nobody Can Hear You Scream." Probably Cause, c. May 1996.

· "Information Disease: Have Cults Created a New Mental Illness?" Conway, Flo, and Jim Siegelman. Science Digest, January 1982.

· "Making Law, Making Enemies." Frankel, Alison. American Lawyer, March 1996.

· "Meddling with Minds." Time, August 23, 1968, page 40. (Scientology's troubles with the UK government.)

· "Ministry of Fear: Scandal Rocks Scientology as the Founder's Wife Goes to Prison and his Son Turns Prosecution Witness." Saar, John. People Weekly v19 page 84, January 24, 1983.

· "Mystery of the Vanished Ruler." Time, January 31, 1983, page 64.

· "Of Two Minds." Time, July 24, 1950, page 64. (All about Dianetics.)

· "Other People's Faiths: The Scientology Litigation and the Justiciability of Religious Fraud." Heins, Marjorie. Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly 9:153, Fall 1981. (A judge associated with the ACLU.)

· "The Other Side of L. Ron Hubbard, Jr." Ron deWolf. Penthouse feedback, Penthouse v15 page 28, January 1984.

· "Poor Man's Psychoanalysis? Observations on Dianetics." Wallis, Roy. The Skeptical Inquirer: the Zetetic v1 (n1).

· "The Prisoners of Saint Hill." Kelsey, Tim, and Mike Ricks. The Independent (United Kingdom), January 31, 1994.

· "The Prophet and Profits of Scientology." Behar, Richard. Forbes v138 page 314, October 27,1986.

· "Psychotherapy Cults." Singer, Margaret T., with Maurice K. Temerlin and Michael D. Langone. Cultic Studies Journal v7 (n2) pages 101-125, 1990.

· "Recovered-Memory Therapy and Robust Repression: Influence and Pseudomemories." Ofshe, Richard J., and Margaret Thaler Singer. Special Issue: Hypnosis and Delayed Recall: I. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis v42 (n4) pages 391-410, October 1994.

· "Remember Venus?" Time, December 22,1952, page 34. (LRH introduces the word "Scientology," the E-meter, and the idea of past-life engrams, possibly on other planets.)

· "Scientologists Plotted to Frame a Critic as a Criminal, Files Show." Gordon, Gregory. Boston Globe, November 24, 1979.

· "Scientologists Report Assets of $400 Million." Hershey, Robert D. New York Times A 12:1, October 22, 1993.

· "Scientology: A Dangerous Cult Goes Mainstream." Reader's Digest v139 pages 87-92, October 1991.

· "Scientology: A Long Trail of Controversy." Los Angeles Times, August 27, 1978.

· "Scientology--An In-Depth Profile of a New Force in Clearwater." St. Petersburg Times [Florida], 1980. (Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Expose; 34 pages long.)

· "Scientology: Anatomy of a Frightening Cult." Methvin, Eugene H. Reader's Digest, May 1980.

· "Scientology 'Dirty Tricks' Campaign against CSICOP." Frazier, Kendrick. Skeptical Inquirer, v4 (n3) pages 8-10, Spring 1980.

· "Scientology from the Inside Out and How to Fool the Press." Young, Robert Vaughn. Quill, v81 (n9) pages 38-41, November 1993.

· "Scientology Plot against State Official." Henderson, Bruce. Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, May 29, 1980.

· "The Scientology Story: A Special Report." Welkos, Robert W., and Joel Sappell. Los Angeles Times. Six part series, June 24-29, 1990.

· "Scientology: The Sickness Spreads." Reader's Digest, September 1981.

· "Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power." Behar, Richard. Time v137 pages 50-57, May 6, 1991.

· "Scientology: To Be Perfectly Clear." Bainbridge, William Sims and Rodney Stark. Sociological Analysis v41 pages 128-136, Summer 1980.

· "Scientology's Relationship with Eastern Religious Traditions." Kent, Stephen A. Journal of Contemporary Religion v11 (n1) pages 21-36, 1996.

· "Scientology's War against Judges." Stewart, James B. American Lawyer, December 1980. (Same author wrote "Blood Sport.")

· "See You in Court." Miller, Russell. Punch, page 46, February 19, 1988.

· "Sleep Deprivation: The Context of Consciousness." Morris, Gary O., and Margaret T. Singer. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease v143 (n4) pages 291-304, 1966.

· "Therapy with Ex-Cult Members." Singer, Margaret T. Journal of the National Association of Private Psychiatric Hospitals v9 (n4) pages 14-18, Summer 1978.

· "Thought Reform of Western Civilians in Chinese Communist Prisons." Lifton, Robert J. Psychiatry v9 pages 385-402, 1957.

· "Thought Reform Programs and the Production of Psychiatric Casualties." Singer, Margaret T., and Richard Ofshe. Psychiatric Annals v20 (n4) pages 188-193, April 1990.

· "Towards a Science of the Nuclear Mind: Science-Fiction Origins of Dianetics." Berger, Albert I. Science Fiction Studies v16 page 135, 1989.

· "The Two Faces of Scientology." Horne, William. American Lawyer, July 1992. (The next two issues after this had many letters from CoS lawyers, including Helena Kobrin, Eric Lieberman, and Earle Cooley.)

· "Undue Influence and Written Documents: Psychological Aspects." Singer, Margaret T. Cultic Studies Journal v10 (n1) pages 19-32, 1993.

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