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Native American Education

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is Native American education.


Six Superlative Sources

· Cleary, Linda Miller, and Peacock, Thomas D. (1998). Collected wisdom: American Indian education. Allyn and Bacon.

· Deyhle, Donna, and Swisher, Karen. (1997). Research in American Indian and Alaska Native education: From assimilation to self-determination. In Michael W. Apple (ed), Review of research in education (vol. 22, pp. 113-194). American Educational Research Association.

· Lipka, Jerry, Mohatt, Gerald, and the Ciulistet Group. (1998). Transforming the culture of schools: Yup'ik Eskimo examples. Lawrence Erlbaum.

· Peshkin, Alan. (1997). Places of memory: Whiteman's schools and Native American communities. Lawrence Erlbaum.

· Reyhner, Jon (ed). (1992). Teaching American Indian students. University of Oklahoma Press.

· Szasz, Margaret Connell. (1999). Education and the American Indian: The road to self-determination since 1928 (3rd ed.). University of New Mexico.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bowker, Ardy. (1993). Sisters in the blood: The education of women in Native America. Women's Educational Equity Act Publishing Center.

· Gilliland, Hap. (1999). Teaching the Native American (4th ed.). Kendall/Hunt.

· Lomawaima, K. Tsianina. (1995). Educating Native Americans. In J.A. Banks and C.A.M. Banks (eds), Handbook of research on multicultural education (pp. 331-42). Macmillan.

· May, Stephen (ed). (1999). Indigenous community-based education. Multilingual Matters.

· McLaughlin, Daniel. (1992). When literacy empowers: Navajo language in print. University of New Mexico Press.

· Swisher, K.C., and Tippeconnic, J.W. (eds). (1999). Next steps: Research and practice to advance Indian education. ERIC Clearinghouse on Rural Education and Small Schools.

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