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Blondie (Musical Group)

The following sources are recommended by a librarian whose research specialty is the musical group Blondie.


Six Superlative Sources

· Blondie: The Official Web Site. Webmasters Louis A Bustamante and Barry L. Kramer. The authoritative source for information on the band. Major links include: News, Shows, Band Members, Biography, Gallery Store, Fans, Archives, and Links.

· The Blondie Review. An excellent Blondie fanzine edited and published by Robert W. Betts.

· Debbie Harry Collector's Society. By Barry L. Kramer, co-webmaster of the official Blondie web site and Blondie archivist. Includes information about "Fan Mail," the premiere fanzine for Deborah Harry archivists.

· Deborah Harry and Blondie Information Service (DHBIS). Complements the official Blondie web site with news and opinion about all things Blondie. Webmaster Louis A Bustamante.

· Harry, Debbie, Chris Stein, and Victor Bockris. Making Tracks: The Rise of Blondie. Da Capo Press, 1998, 1982. Serves as Blondie's early autobiography.

· Metz, Allan. Blondie, From Punk to the Present: A Pictorial History. Musical Legacy Series, no. 1. Musical Legacy Publications, 2002. Prologue by Chris Stein. Foreword and other essays by Victor Bockris. Edited collection of articles and photographs. Companion web site:

Other Excellent Sources

· Bangs, Lester. Blondie. Simon and Schuster, 1980. Unfair treatment of Blondie by this famous music writer, but noted because of the author's fame and the photographs.

· Behind the Music: Blondie. Jim Forbes, narrator. BMG Distribution, 2000, 1999. DVD.

· Che, Cathy. Deborah Harry. Fromm International, 2000, 1999. The only biography of Deborah Harry to date.

· Rip Her to Shreds. Webmaster, Mark Bruce. Extensive content.

· Rock, Mick. Picture This. Sanctuary Publishing, 2004. Foreword by Debbie Harry. Pictorial book and DVD.

· Schruers, Fred. Headliners, Blondie. Grosset and Dunlap, 1980.

· Valentine, Gary. New York Rocker: My Life in the Blank Generation, with Blondie, Iggy Pop, and Others, 1974-1981. Sidgwick and Jackson, 2002. The author played bass for Blondie.

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