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Labor History

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of labor.


Six Superlative Sources

· Brody, David (1980). Workers in Industrial America: Essays on the Twentieth Century Struggle. Oxford University Press.

· Gordon, David M., Richard Edwards, and Michael Reich (1982). Segmented Work, Divided Workers: The Historical Transformation of Labor in the United States. Cambridge University Press.

· Innes, Stephen (ed.) (1988). Work and Labor in Early America. University of North Carolina Press.

· Labor History on the Internet. Tennessee Technological University.

· Montgomery, David (1987). The Fall of the House of Labor. Cambridge University Press.

· U.S. Department of Labor. Labor Hall of Fame: U.S. Labor History Links.

Other Excellent Sources

· Blau, Francine D. (1980). "Immigration and Labor Earnings in Early Twentieth-Century America." In Research in Population Economics, edited by J. Simon. Volume 2. JAI Press.

· Brody, David (1979). "The Old Labor History and the New: In Search of an American Working Class." Labor History 20 (Winter): 111-126.

· Brown, James D. A Curriculum of United States Labor History for Teachers. Illinois Labor History Society.

· Byerly, Victoria (1986). Hard Times Cotton Mill Girls: Personal Histories of Womanhood and Poverty in the South. ILR Press.

· Commons, John Rogers, et al. (1918-1935). History of Labour in the United States. Volumes 1-4. Macmillan.

· Dublin, Thomas (ed.) (1993). Farm to Factory: Women's Letters, 1830-1860. Columbia University Press.

· Dubofsky, Melvyn (2000). Hard Work: The Making of Labor History. University of Illinois Press.

· Illinois Labor History Society. Labor History Articles.

· International Association of Labour History Institutions (IALHI).

· Labor History (1960-present). A quarterly journal.

· Marglin, Stephen A. (1974). "What Do Bosses Do? The Origins and Functions of Hierarchy in Capitalist Production." Review of Radical Political Economics 6 (Summer): 60-112.

· Montgomery, David (1980). "To Study the People: The American Working Class." Labor History 21 (Fall): 485-512.

· Quast, Jenneke. World Wide Web Virtual Library: Labor History.

· Schnapper, Morris Bartel (1975). American Labor: A Pictorial Social History. Public Affairs Press.

· Shaping San Francisco: Labor.

· Stephenson, Charles, and Robert Asher (eds.) (1986). Life and Labor: Dimensions of American Working-Class History. State University of New York Press.

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