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Rural Health Care

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is health care in rural areas.


Six Superlative Sources

· Birdwell, S.W., and Calesaric, H. (1996). Identifying health care needs of rural Ohio citizens: an evaluation of a two-stage methodology. Journal of Rural Health, 12(2), 130-6.

· Farmer, F.L., Clarke, L.L., and Miller, M.K. (1993). Consequences of differential residence designations for rural health policy research: the case of infant mortality. Journal of Rural Health, 9(1), 17-26.

· Fuguitt, G.V., and Beale, C.L. (1993). The changing concentration of the older nonmetropolitan population, 1960-90. Journal of Gerontology, 48(6), S278-88.

· Hartley, D., Quam, L., and Lurie, N. (1994). Urban and rural differences in health insurance and access to care. Journal of Rural Health, 10(2), 98-108.

· Long, K.A. (1993). The concept of health: rural perspectives. Nursing Clinics of North America, 28(1), 123-30.

· McConnel, C.E., and Zetzman, M.R. (1993). Urban/rural differences in health service utilization by elderly persons in the United States. Journal of Rural Health, 9(4), 270-80.

Other Excellent Sources

· Bartlome, J.A., Bartlome, P., and Bradham, D.D. (1992). Self-care and illness response behaviors in a frontier area (review). Journal of Rural Health, 8(1), 4-12.

· Borders, T.F., Rohrer, J.E., and Vaughn, T.E. (1998). Community health profiles: limitations of secondary data for rural areas (abstract). Association for Health Services Research, 15, 14-5.

· Bushy, A. (1998). Health issues of women in rural environments: an overview (review). Journal of the American Medical Women's Association, 53(2), 53-6.

· Coburn, A.F., Bolda, E.J., Seavey, J.W., Fralich, J.T., and Curtis, D. (1998). Rural Models for Integrating and Managing Acute and Long-Term Care Services. Maine Rural Health Research Center, Muskie School of Public Service, University of Southern Maine.

· Cordes, S.M. (1989). The changing rural environment and the relationship between health services and rural development. Health Services Research, 23(6), 757-84.

· Coward, R.T., and Krout, J.A. (1998). Aging in Rural Settings: Life Circumstances and Distinctive Features. Springer Publishing.

· Dwyer, J.W., Lee, G.R., and Coward, R.T. (1990). The health status, health services utilization, and support networks of the rural elderly: a decade review (review). Journal of Rural Health, 6(4), 379-98.

· Himes, C.L., and Rutrough, T.S. (1994). Differences in the use of health services by metropolitan and nonmetropolitan elderly. Journal of Rural Health, 10(2), 80-8.

· Krout, J.A. (1989). Rural versus urban differences in health dependence among the elderly population. International Journal of Aging and Human Development, 28(2), 141-56.

· Ryan, B. (1998). Rural medicine: what role should nurse practitioners play? CMAJ, 159(1), 68-9.

· Wakefield, D.S., Wakefield, B.J., Borders, T., Uden-Holman, T., Blegen, M., and Vaughn, T. (1999). Understanding and comparing differences in reported medication administration error rates. American Journal of Medical Quality, 14(2), 73-80.

· Weinert, C., and Long, K.A. (1993). Support systems for the spouses of chronically ill persons in rural areas. Family and Community Health, 16(1), 46-54.

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