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Forest Understory -- Plant Species Loss

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the loss of plant species in forests.


Six Superlative Sources

· Drayton, B., and R.B. Primack. 1996. Plant species lost in an isolated conservation area in metropolitan Boston from 1894 to 1993. Conservation Biology 10:30-39.

· Duffy, D.C., and A.J. Meier. 1992. Do Appalachian herbaceous understories ever recover from clearcutting? Conservation Biology 6:196-201.

· Kwiatkowska, A.J. 1994. Changes in the species richness, spatial pattern and species frequency associated with the decline of oak forest. Vegetation 112:171-180.

· Meier, A.J., S.P. Bratton, and D.C. Duffy. 1995. Possible ecological mechanisms for loss of vernal-herb diversity in logged eastern deciduous forests. Ecological Applications 5:935-946.

· Robinson, G.R., M.E. Yurlina, and S.N. Handel. 1994. A century of change in the Staten Island flora: Ecological correlates of species losses and invasions. Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club 21:119-129.

· Rooney, T.P., and W.J. Dress. 1997. Species loss over sixty-six years in the ground-layer vegetation of Heart's Content, an old growth forest in Pennsylvania, USA. Natural Areas Journal 17:297-305.

Other Excellent Sources

· Duffy, D.C. 1993. Herbs and clearcutting: Reply to Elliot and Loftis and Steinbeck. Conservation Biology 7:221-222.

· Duffy, D.C. 1993. Seeing the forest for the trees: Response to Johnson, et al. Conservation Biology 7:436-439.

· Kruess, A., and T. Tscharntke. 1994. Habitat fragmentation, species loss, and biological control. Science 264:1581-1584.

· Leach, M., and T.G. Givnish. 1996. Ecological determinants of species loss in remnant prairies. Science 273:1555-1558.

· Waller, D.M., and W.S. Alverson. 1997. The white-tailed deer: A keystone herbivore. Wildlife Society Bulletin 25:217-226.

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