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Granular Material Flows

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is granular material flow.


Six Superlative Sources

· Campbell, C.S. 2006. "Granular Flows: An Overview." Powder Technology, 162: 208-29.

· Bagnold, R.A. 1954. "Experiments on a Gravity-Free Dispersion of Large Solid Particles in a Newtonian Fluid under Shear." Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, Series A 225: 49-63.

· Campbell, C.S. 2002. "Granular Shear Flows at the Elastic Limit." Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 465: 261-91.

· Campbell, C.S. 2005. "Stress-Controlled Elastic Granular Shear Flows." Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 539: 273-97.

· Jackson, R. 1983. "Some Mathematical and Physical Aspects of Continuum Models for the Motion of Granular Materials." In: Theory of Dispersed Multiphase Flow, ed. by R.E. Meyer, Academic Press, 291-337.

· Davidson, J.K., and Nedderman, R.M. 1973. "The Hour-Glass Theory of Hopper Flow." Transactions of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, 51: 29.

Other Excellent Sources

· Campbell, C.S. 2006. "Computer Simulation of Powder Flows." In: Powder Technology Handbook, 3rd edition, ed. by H. Masuda, K. Higashitani, and H. Yoshida, CRC Press, 737-48.

· Campbell, C.S. 2004. "Elastic Granular Flows." International Journal of Chemical Reaction Engineering, 2: P2.

· Campbell, C.S. 2004. "Granular Flows and Gas Fluidization." In: Fluidization XI: Present and Future for Fluidization Engineering, ed. by U. Arena, R. Chirone, M. Miccio, and P. Salatino, Engineering Conferences International, 21-36.

· Campbell, C.S. 1990. "Rapid Granular Flows." Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics, 22: 57-92.

· Campbell C.S., Avila-Segura F., Liu Z. 2004. "Preliminary Observations of a Particle Lift Force in Horizontal Slurry Flow." International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 30: 199-216.

· Campbell, C.S., and Brennen, C.E. 1985. "Chute Flows of Granular Materials: Some Computer Simulations." Journal of Applied Mechanics, 52: 172-78.

· Campbell, C.S., and Brennen, C.E. 1985. "Computer Simulation of Granular Shear Flows." Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 151: 167-88.

· Campbell, C.S., Cleary, P., and Hopkins, M.A. 1995. "Large Landslide Simulations: Global Deformation, Velocities and Basal Friction." Journal of Geophysical Research, 100: 8267-83.

· Campbell, C.S., and Wang, D.G. 1991. "Particle Pressures in Gas-Fluidized Beds." Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 227: 495-508.

· Casagrande, A. 1938. Compaction Tests and Critical Density Investigations of Cohesionless Materials for Franklin Falls Dam. U.S. Engineer Corps, Boston District.

· Coulomb, C.A. 1773. "Essai sur un Application de Règles de Maximis et Minimis à Quelques Problèmes de Staique Relatifs à l'Architecture." Mémoires de Mathématique et de Physique de l'Académie Royale des Sciences, 7: 343-82.

· Cundall, P.A., and Strack, O.D.L. 1979. "A Discrete Numerical Model for Granular Assemblies." Geotechnique, 29: 47-65.

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· Savage, S.B., and Jeffrey, D.J. 1981. "The Stress Tensor in a Granular Flow at High Shear Rates." Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 110: 255-272.

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· Wang, D.G., and Campbell, C.S. 1992. "Reynolds' Analogy for a Shearing Granular Material." Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 244: 527-46.

· Zhang, Y., and Campbell, C.S. 1992. "The Interface between Fluid-Like and Solid-Like Behavior in Two-Dimensional Granular Flows." Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 237: 541-68.

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