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Aeronautics -- Commercial -- Airships and Zeppelins -- History

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of airships and zeppelins.


Six Superlative Sources

· Archbold, Rick. Hindenburg: An Illustrated History. Warner Books, 1994.

· Beaubois, Henry, et al. Airships: An Illustrated History--Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Two Continents, 1973.

· Brooks, Peter W. Zeppelin: Rigid Airships, 1893-1940. Smithsonian Institution, 1992.

· Dick, Harold G., and Douglas H. Robinson. The Golden Age of the Great Passenger Airships: Graf Zeppelin and Hindenburg. Smithsonian Institution, 1985.

· Masefield, Sir Peter G. To Ride the Storm: The Story of the Airship R.101. William Kimber, 1982.

· Robinson, Douglas H. Giants in the Sky: A History of the Rigid Airship. University of Washington Press, 1973.

Other Excellent Sources

· Burney, Sir Charles Dennistoun. The World, The Air and the Future. Knopf, 1929.

· Dean, Christopher. Housing the Airship. Architectural Association, 1989.

· Eckener, Hugo. My Zeppelins. Putnam, 1958; reprinted by Arno Press, 1980.

· Hedin, Robert, ed. The Zeppelin Reader: Stories, Poems, and Songs from the Age of Airships. University of Iowa Press, 1998.

· Higham, Robin. The British Rigid Airship, 1908-1931. Foulis, 1961.

· Hoehling, A.A. Who Destroyed the Hindenburg? Little, Brown, 1962.

· Kirschner, Edwin J. The Zeppelin in the Atomic Age: The Past, Present, and Future of the Rigid Lighter-Than-Air Aircraft. University of Illinois Press, 1957.

· Leasor, James. The Millionth Chance: The Story of the R.101. Reynal, 1957.

· Lehman, Ernst. Zeppelin: The Story of Lighter-Than-Air Craft. Longmans Green, 1937.

· Mayer, Henry Cord. Airshipmen, Businessmen and Politics, 1890-1940. Smithsonian Institution, 1991.

· Mooney, Michael. The Hindenburg. Dodd, Mead, 1972.

· "Neon" (pseud. M.W. Ackworth). The Great Delusion: A Study of Aircraft in Peace and War. Ernest Benn Ltd., 1927.

· Pratt, H.B. Commercial Airships. Thomas Nelson, 1920.

· Spanner, E.F. This Airship Business! Williams and Norgate, 1927.

· Vaeth, J. Gordon. Graf Zeppelin: The Adventures of an Aerial Globetrotter. Harper, 1958.

· Zeppelin.

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