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The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is dendroecology.


Six Superlative Sources

· Fritts, H.C., and T.W. Swetnam. 1989. Dendroecology: A Tool for Evaluating Variations in Past and Present Forest Environments, Advances in Ecological Research 19:111-188.

· Swetnam, T.W., and J.L. Bentacourt. 1998. Mesoscale Disturbance and Ecological Response to Decadal Climatic Variability in the American Southwest, Journal of Climate 11:3128-3147.

· Veblen, Thomas, T., Keith S. Hadley, Marion S. Reid, and Alan J. Rebertus. 1991. The Response of Subalpine Forests to Spruce Beetle Outbreak in Colorado, Ecology 72(1):213-231.

· Hughes, Malcolm K. 1991. The Tree-Ring Record. In: Global Changes of the Past, R.S. Bradley (ed.), pp. 117-137. University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

· Bradley, R.S. 1985. Dendroclimatology. Chapter 10 in: Quaternary Paleoclimatology: Methods of Paleoclimatic Reconstruction, pp. 330-379. Allen and Unwin.

· Stokes, M.A., and T.L. Smiley. 1996. An Introduction to Tree-Ring Dating. University of Arizona Press.

Other Excellent Sources

· Abrams, Marc D., David A. Orwig, and Thomas E. Demeo. 1995. Dendroecological Analysis of Successional Dynamics for a Presettlement-Origin White-Pine-Mixed-Oak Forest in the Southern Appalachians, Journal of Ecology 83:133-143.

· Bergeron, Y. 1991. The Influence of Island and Mainland Lakeshore Landscapes on Boreal Forest Fire Regimes, Ecology 72(6):1980-1992.

· Bergeron, Y., and D. Charron. 1994. Postfire Stand Dynamics in a Southern Boreal Forest (Quebec): A Dendroecological Approach, Ecoscience 1(2):173-184.

· Douglass, A.E. 1920. Evidence of Climatic Effects in the Annual Rings of Trees, Ecology 1(1):24-32.

· Duncan, Richard P., and Glenn H. Stewart. 1991. The Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Tree Age Distributions, Canadian Journal of Forestry Research 21:1703-1710.

· Fritts, H.C. 1976. Tree Rings and Climate. Academic Press.

· Grissino-Mayer, H.D., and T.W. Swetnam. 2000. Century-Scale Climate Forcing of Fire Regimes in the American Southwest, Holocene 10(2):213-220.

· Johnson, E.A., and C.P.S. Larson. 1991. Climatically Induced Change in Fire Frequency in the Southern Canadian Rockies, Ecology 72(1):194-201.

· Johnson, E.A., K. Miyanishi, and H. Kleb. 1994. The Hazards of Interpretation of Static Age Structures As Shown by Stand Reconstructions in a Pinus Contorta-Picea Engelmannii Forest, Journal of Ecology 82:923-931.

· Mast, Joy N., Peter Z. Fule, Margaret M. Moore, Wallace W. Covington, and Amy E. Waltz. 1999. Restoration of Presettlement Age Structure of an Arizona Ponderosa Pine Forest, Ecological Applications 9(1):228-239.

· Mast, Joy N., and Thomas T. Veblen. 1994. Dendrochronological Method of Studying Tree Mortality Patterns, Physical Geography 15(6):529-542.

· Mast, Joy N., and Thomas T. Veblen. 1999. Tree Spatial Patterns and Stand Development along the Pine-Grassland Ecotone in the Colorado Front Range, Canadian Journal of Forestry Research 29:575-584.

· Miller, K.K., and M.R. Wagner. 1989. Effect of Pandora Moth (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae) Defoliation on Growth of Ponderosa Pine in Arizona, Journal of Economic Entomology 82(6):1682-1686.

· Phipps, R.L. 1985. Collecting, Preparing, Crossdating, and Measuring Tree Increment Cores, Water Resources Investigations Report No. 85-4148, U.S. Geological Survey.

· Savage, M., P.M. Brown, and J. Feddema. 1996. The Role of Climate in a Pine Forest Regeneration Pulse in the Southwestern United States, Ecoscience 3(3):310-318.

· Speer, J.H. 1996. A Dendrochronological Record of Pandora Moth (Coloradia Pandora, Blake) Outbreaks in Central Oregon. M.S. Thesis, Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona.

· Swetnam, T.W., and C.H. Baisan. 1994. Historical Fire Regime Patterns in the Southwestern United States since AD 1700: Proceedings of the 2nd La Mesa Fire Symposium, March 29-30, Las Alamos, New Mexico. U.S. National Parks Service.

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