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Spider Silk

The following sources are recommended by a professor whose research specialty is spider silk.


Six Superlative Sources

· Vollrath, F. (1992) Spider webs and silks. Scientific American 266:70-76.

· Gosline, J.M., Denny, M.W, and DeMont, M.E. (1984) Spider silk as rubber. Nature 309:551-52.

· Lewis, R.V., Hinman, M., Kothakota, S. and Fournier, M. (1996) Expression and purification of a recombinant spider silk protein: a new strategy for producing repetitive proteins. Protein Expression and Purification 7:400-06.

· Simmons, A., Michal, C.A., and Jelinski, L.W. (1996) Molecular orientation and two-component nature of the crystalline fraction of spider dragline silk. Science 271:84-87.

· Hayashi, C.Y., Shipley, N.H., and Lewis, R.V. (1999) Hypotheses that correlate the sequence, structure, and mechanical properties of spider silk proteins. International J. of Biological Macromolecules 24:271-75.

· Stauffer, S., Cougill, S. and Lewis R.V. (1994) Mechanical properties of several spider silks. J. of Arachnology 22:5-11.

Other Excellent Sources

· Xu, M., and Lewis, R.V. (1990) Structure of a protein superfiber: spider dragline silk. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 87:7120-24.

· Hinman, M.B., and Lewis, R.V. (1992) Isolation of a clone encoding a second dragline silk fibroin, nephila clavipes dragline silk is a two-protein fiber. J. Biol. Chem. 267:19320-24.

· Colgin, M., and Lewis, R.V. (1998) Spider minor ampullate silk proteins contain new repetitive sequences and highly conserved non-silk-like "spacer regions." Protein Science 7:667-72.

· Hayashi, C., and Lewis, R.V. (1998) Spider flagelliform silk proteins. J. of Mol. Biol. 275:773-84.

· Hayashi, C.Y., and Lewis, R.V. (2000) Molecular architecture and evolution of a modular spider silk protein gene. Science 287:1477-79.

· Lucas, F. (1964) Spiders and their silk. Discovery 25:20-26.

· Gosline, J.M., DeMont, M.E., and Denny, M.W. (1986) The structure and properties of spider silk. Endeavor 10:37-43.

· Guerette, P.A., Ginzinga, D.G., Weber, B.H.F., and Gosline, J.M. (1996) Silk Properties determined by gland specific expression of a spider silk fibroin gene family. Science 272:112-15.

· Simmons, A., Ray, E., and Jelinski, L.W. (1994) Solid-state 13C NMR of nephila clavipes dragline silk establishes structure and identity of crystalline regions. Macromolecules 27:5235-37.

· Gosline, J.M., Guerette, P.A., Ortlepp, C.S., and Savage, K.N. (1999) The mechanical design of spider silks: from fibroin sequence to mechanical function. J. of Experimental Biology 202:3295-303.

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